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Stannis Howard is a man of 56 years who works for the police in the New York megalopolis. Anticipating soon retire, he completed his last year of service as a detective ground for the specialized unit of the fight against the production and sale of narcotics. His job is to track the activities of criminal cartel who spreads corruption in all structures of society. Stannis is afflicted by its inevitable withdrawal, his heart and his head forced him to remain at his post, but his body is the 32 years of battlefield service continues just waiting to collapse. Some colleagues of the protagonist see him as a mentor; a wild beast that is with experience, strength and composure, but think with hindsight and finesse. However, none of his colleagues were actually witness its prowess, its reputation is mainly based on mission reports and arrest a few appearances in the media, the medals that were awarded to him and a couple exaggerated stories by dreamers young people working at the police station. In reality, the highly acclaimed hero sees his city in recent years to sink into anarchy, while he loses his powers and becomes powerless quietly with age. Police militia lack of organization and most of its people are either immature or corrupted. The stress it causes insomnia and insecurity, which begins to affect performance at work and in his personal life.

After 15 years of service, a senior detective is assigned a controller provides with an artificial intelligence. The latter is a vital tool for every investigator since the only resource to which they have access on the ground and away during the mission. It is considered by many agents as a reliable teammate and a good way to fill out the forms, reports and other bureaucratic activities. On the ground, the biped robot can travel great distances very quickly thanks to its flexible legs to four joints reminding the back legs of the big cats, it can also easily climb and avoid obstacles with a detection system. This same prototype that allows it to assess human movement around it, so it can document the physical body language and intent of an individual. It can defend against attacks with knives, disarming an assailant and immobilize. It has access to the station and archives can provide additional information to the detective not archived by accessing external data, it can also propose hypotheses, statistics, training plans and give him advice. The main character has never liked the machines that get too close to humans in appearance. His sidekick Mark, so called because the identification number "Model-4-D.698" is crying very bad when you really need him as Stannis, is the least chosen by detectives model. The character feels more comfortable with this model because it is the last generation before the use of synthetic skin and human. Stannis had to fight his fear of machines and has, over time, learned to trust his teammate. For his part, Mark has adapted to the ways of the user in order to strengthen teamwork, an aspect of their relationship was largely overlooked at first. This lead to the Mark IA to develop a contemplative interest in the human brain, his thinking and its interaction with its own technological advances.

The story takes place in a future undefined or Japan became the largest global power and influence greatly all societies to the point where 67% of languages ​​have disappeared to be replaced by neo-Japanese. The number of human on Earth has increased dramatically to the point where virtually all wildlife has disappeared and almost all animal species. The pollution level is high and places without smog are rare, light from the sun is scarce due to climate cloudy and rainy throughout the year. Megacities like New York extend more and fuse, politics is led by the richest industries and corruption is everywhere. Very little color stand out, gray skyscrapers pierce the clouds which are hanging animated billboards with fluorescent colors, lights flying vehicles and some ground elements whose colors fadent with rain. All this aims to give a cyber-punk style with the environment, that is also found in works such as Blade Runner, The Matrix and others.
Stannis Character Story(WARNING Google Translated)
Sorry if it might not make sense in English. I'm french and too lazy to translate it myself. If your eyes bleed too much and you want to help, I can share the french version so that it can be translated.
Big Bugs
Not finish and probably never will. Background and environment comes from shots taken by me, got more landscape shots like this if anyone wants them, size is at least 8000 pixel by 5000.


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